Pei Chun’s 81st Anniversary Dinner / 培群母校81周年校庆晚宴 Print
Written by Pei Chun Alumni Publisher   
Friday, 25 April 2014 00:43

Pei Chun’s 81st Anniversary Dinner – “春风化雨齐献力”

Our school plans to hold its 81st Anniversary Dinner on Friday, 16th May 2014, at the School Hall as part of its efforts to raise fund for its expansion programme to cater to the single-session requirements by the year 2016. There will be performances at the anniversary dinner by the school’s Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Dance Troupe, Choir, Band and Wushu Group.

Tickets for the dinner are available at $100, $150 and $200 each from the School’s General Office (call 63539450 during office hour) from Monday, 14th April 2014. Payments for the tickets are by cash or by cheques made payable to ‘Pei Chun Public School’. We look forward to your generous support and participation in the dinner. Together, let us build a better Pei Chun of tomorrow.

培群母校81周年校庆晚宴 – “春风化雨齐献力”


晚宴招待券分为每张100元、150元和200元三种,从本月14日起在母校办公室分发。付款方式是现款或支票。支票请注明“Pei Chun Public School”为收款人。